Saturday Night Live
Jonathon Dornbush
April 16, 2016 AT 05:15 PM EDT

The President of the United States is heading to Saturday Night Live. Well, at least a fictional one is.

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is set to host her third episode of SNL with the fifth season of the Emmy-winning HBO comedy Veep on the horizon. And with years under her belt as Veep‘s vice president-turned-commander-in-chief Selina Meyer, it would be a huge disappointment for the show to not throw her fictional president into the ring with the show’s take on the various real-world presidential candidates.

The New York Democratic debate held on Thursday will surely provide some fodder for the sketch show to work with, but whether in some debate spoof or in a more general political sense, a Meyer cameo could be just what the show needs to elevate whatever political material it has planned for the week.

(A perhaps more outlandish pipe dream — if Larry David happens to be in the building as Sanders, some Seinfeld bit, whether in the monologue or in a sketch, certainly wouldn’t hurt either.)

But aside from a hopeful Meyer cameo, there’s plenty of reason to expect good things from Louis-Dreyfus’ hosting stint. Louis-Dreyfus’ latest appearance in Studio 8H is not only her third go-around as a host but also her return to the show of which she was a cast member for three seasons before she launched into a string of memorable comedic roles. While she had several recurring characters, they haven’t really stood the test of time as Wayne Campbell has (or Stefon likely will), which the previews for her episode are even willing to reference.


If all episode previews read as prognosticators for episodes, you could take the clue-reading one step further and suggest the coffee shop setting for Louis-Dreyfus’ would indicate some sort of Jerry Seinfeld cameo or at least some reference to Tom’s Restaurant. But SNL promo conspiracy theories will usually not get you far in guessing what an episode will look like.

Still, even if Louis-Dreyfus’ time on the sketch series is not one history has remembered as fondly as others, her career after the show has brought with it a string of successful roles and plenty of accolades. Louis-Dreyfus’ time on everything from Seinfeld to The New Adventures of Old Christine to Veep has proven her both a hilarious lead as well as a key player in any ensemble, both skills being key to a host’s success on SNL. Even when the material can be mediocre, a game host can elevate the entire show, and there’s no reason to expect any less from Louis-Dreyfus.

At any rate, it’s tough to imagine her episode falling to the lows of last week’s Russell Crowe-hosted episode.

Louis-Dreyfus is joined by musical guest Nick Jonas, whose next album, Last Year Was Complicated, is set to release this June. Jonas hits Studio 8H as a solo artist for the first time (the Jonas Brothers previously performed on the show together), and has already hinted that Tove Lo, who features on his single “Close,” will perform with him on the show.

Discuss the episode — which airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC — in the comments below, and check back Sunday for our full recap.

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