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Nolan Feeney
April 18, 2016 AT 11:57 PM EDT

If you’re reading this, it might be too late—to get into Drake’s pop-up store, that is.

Fans of the Toronto rapper circled a block in New York City on Monday afternoon in hopes of snagging merchandise from an impromptu shop promoting his new album, Views From the 6, out April 29.

Attendees were hoping that Drake, who announced the event via his Twitter account earlier in the day, would make an appearance, but security quickly put an end to the chatter. “He’s not coming! It’s just a free giveaway!” a bouncer bellowed at a crowd that formed by the entrance, waiting to take pictures in case the emcee showed up. “It was just his tweet so y’all could be here!”

Fans who braved the line and made it into the event, which was put on by Beats Electronics and featured Beats items and T-shirts on display, were given black-and-white Views shirts and told the items were “compliments of Drake.”

Nolan Feeney / EW

Nolan Feeney / EW

We asked some of the Drake die-hards why they were waiting in line: 

George Smith, 24

Why he’s here: “Drake made Houston an international phenomenon without corrupting its authenticity. I’m excited for this new album. It’s going to be much more cosmopolitan than what we usually hear from him. He’s incorporating a lot of Wizkid from Nigeria, some West African influences. He’s still staying true to his Toronto culture that he’s trying to create while bringing in music from other regions, particularly the South.”

Favorite Drake song: “‘Legend.’ It’s so musically Houston.”

More excited for a new Drake album or a new Beyoncé album? “Damn. I guess I’m going to say Drake because I’m line for him now.”

Madeleine Hemphill, 21

Why she’s here: “I didn’t skip class, but I would have. I like that his sound always changes. I’m a fan of old-school Drake. Take Care is my favorite album. But he’s constantly reinventing himself. He’s a master of social media and youth culture. He’s a cool person to follow.”

Favorite Drake song: “‘Over My Dead Body.’ It’s an emotional song for me. It got me through a breakup.”

More excited for a new Drake album or a new Beyoncé album? “That’s hard. I’m just more of a Drake fan than a Beyoncé fan.”

Parrish Mitchell, 23

Why he’s here: “I’ve been here since 2 o’clock. I had an open free day. I work at night, so it’s whatever. I can’t front, the man is talented. He seems like a cool dude, and the album’s about to be dropping next week.”

Favorite Drake song: “‘Closer to My Dreams.’ It’s like throwback. He was hungrier. Now when people come up, they become a little laid back and satisfied.”

More excited for a new Drake album or a new Beyoncé album? “That’s interesting. If Beyoncé is dropping on Saturday, Beyoncé. But I’m going to go with Drake to stay on the safe side.”

Deanna Young, 23

Why she’s here: “I’m just like every other New Yorker who’s not working right now. He’s let me down before—when I call him, he doesn’t call me back. You view you future, and you see someone there, and it’s Drake. He’s my future.”

Favorite Drake song: “Houstatlantavegas”

More excited for a new Drake album or a new Beyoncé album? “I’ve been hearing a lot of Views, but I haven’t heard much of the Beyoncé album.”

Alm Lamptey, 29

Why he’s here: “I waited in line for half an hour. It was cool: Instead of paying like $65 for a t-shirt, I got it for free. [Drake] is relatable. I’ve seen him grow from Room for Improvement toComeback Season to So Far Gone to now. It’s a big progression. I’m a big fan of him, Jay Z, Kanye, all those guys.”

Favorite Drake song: “‘Fear.’ It’s a very deep song. He was getting really into talking about his family, what he as going through in life at that moment.”

More excited for a new Drake album or a new Beyoncé album? “Both. Beyoncé got something for everybody. She got something prepared.”

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