Joey Nolfi
April 18, 2016 AT 03:44 PM EDT

Never has the phrase “don’t try this at home” been more applicable.

Hollywood stuntman and parkour professional Damien Walters posted a video Monday showing off his death-defying skills as he backflips over a Formula E car careening toward him at 60 mph. The video sees Walters prepping for the jump several times, stumbling for a few takes ahead of timing his jump perfectly for the official run.

Daniel Craig’s Skyfall stunt double told The Huffington Post his latest maneuver, dubbed “Leap of Faith,” which took place in Mexico City, is one of the most challenging he’s ever done. “I have done some other crazy things but this was definitely one of the worst for sure,” he said. “Had I jumped too early, I would have hit the back of the car with my head, and if I jumped too late, the car would have hit my legs.”

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In the past, Walters has performed a slew of dangerous stunts, including leaping from one car (mid-barrel roll) to another and practicing parkour in the middle of the woods while his body is on fire. He also served as Michael Fassbender’s stunt double on the upcoming video game adaptation Assassin’s Creed, set to hit theaters Dec. 21.

Watch Walters’ latest stunt in the video above.

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