Christian Holub
April 19, 2016 AT 12:07 PM EDT

The upcoming Huntsman: Winter’s War stars Emily Blunt as Freya the Ice Queen. Now, due either to brand synergy or the fact that there’s really only so many ways to depict an “ice queen,” Blunt’s character came out looking a bit like that most famous of snow sorceresses, Elsa from Frozen. Blunt told Jimmy Kimmel she knew the comparisons were inevitable as soon as she saw her character’s white hair, but wasn’t prepared for one particular superfan.

“Charlize’s son was on set a lot and he’s obsessed with Frozen so he really thought I was Elsa,” Blunt said. “And then he got really disappointed because he saw me in my sweatpants one day with the white hair on, and he just looks at me and goes, ‘Put on your dress.’ Like, he was really bummed about it. ‘Put it on now.'”

Unlike Elsa, Blunt’s Freya has her own personal mount, a wolf-bear she can ride royally into battle. Of course, there are no such things as wolf-bears, so Blunt had to film a big battle scene on top of a greenscreen contraption Kimmel described as “a lump on a golf cart.” Since the creature was ultimately supposed to move like a bear, Blunt had to mimic a swaying movement while riding side-saddle in the golf cart, which she hilariously replicated for Kimmel.

“So I’m just like this on it, driving at a glacial pace towards the other actors, and I just remember coming towards Jessica Chastain and she was like this, trying not to laugh ’cause she knew if she made me laugh, the whole shot would be ruined,” Blunt said. “You’re talking about 50 horses, 100 extras. The reset takes an hour.”

Watch the clip below.

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