Christopher Rosen
April 20, 2016 AT 11:09 PM EDT

Just in time for April 20, Saturday Night Live has released the fully produced version of “Space Pants,” the viral earworm that first appeared during the Peter Dinklage episode on April 2.

Dinklage and Gwen Stefani performed the song together on the show, in a sketch innocuously titled “Mafia Meeting.” The premise: a group of mobsters meet at a club, where Dinklage’s singer Jonathan Comets and the real-life Stefani duet on the Devo-y dance track about space pants.

“I am wearing space pants,” Dinkage’s Comets sings. He later adds, “My pants are a tour of the solar system.” There’s a call and response too: “When I say ‘space pants,’ you say ‘are intergalactic slacks.'”

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