Christian Holub
April 22, 2016 AT 01:24 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert spent more than a decade honing a single performance, his famously parodic news commentator. Does that compare to Tom Hanks’ legendary and prolific acting career? Colbert certainly seems to think so. For a segment on Thursday’s Late Show, a dubious Hanks agreed to team up with the titular host for “On Your Mark, Get Set, Act!”, a little seminar for any aspiring actors in the audience.

Hanks had tips on crying scenes (“Think of a dead onion”) and how to look like a shifty character (“Follow a fly with your eyes”), but he saved his most outrageous and potentially useful tip for last. 

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“Sometimes it’s hard to remember all those words, and here’s what you do. You get a dog and name the dog ‘Line,'” Hanks said. “Then, you shave the words you’re supposed to remember into the side of the dog the camera can’t see. Then, if you forget what you’re supposed to say, call, ‘Line!’ He runs up to you, and you can read it right off the side of your dog. I learned that one from Marlon Brando.”

Watch the clip below to see how Hanks and Colbert finish their interview with the help of two dogs named Line.

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