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Game of Thrones: Follow these Watchers on the Web of social media

(@emilia_clarke via Instagram)

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner aren’t the only Game of Thrones insiders dominating the social-media kingdom. (But if you aren’t already, you should really be following the phenomenon that is #mophie.) Below, four more rulers to follow for insta intel.

Queen’s Landing

Emilia Clarke
Instagram: @emilia_clarke
Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains…Taker of Selfies? The actress regularly mugs for the camera while in hair and makeup.

All Men Must Write

Bryan Cogman
Twitter: @b_cogman
A Maester at crafting 140-character teases, the co-producer and writer offers insight into small-screen Westeros (he even tweets his favorite episodes!).

The Dance of Dresses

Michele Clapton
Instagram: @micheleclapton
The Emmy-winning costume designer uploads the inspirations and sketches behind her show-stopping looks.

Unbowed, Unbent, Undead

Pedro Pascal
Twitter: @PedroPascal1
The Red Viper may no longer slither, but online, Pascal often cheers on his former costars and retweets the series’ fans. 

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