Courtesy of HBO
EW Staff
May 02, 2016 AT 08:38 PM EDT

Unless you missed Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode — and if you missed it, psycho, go watch it right now — you know that “Home” reintroduced beloved character Jon Snow to the land of the living. (He’s on our cover! He’s got a special message for you!)

On the new episode of EW’s weekly Game of Thrones podcast, James Hibberd teases Darren Franich mercilessly with information about Jon Snow’s return. Also discussed: How the High Sparrow is like Bernie Sanders, and why Ramsay Bolton killed his own father. Then it’s time for a trip into the mailbag, where we discuss (among other things) a possible theory for the future of Dany in season 6. Remember: Email us at if you’ve got questions about what’s happening or predictions about what’s coming up.

Subscribe to the podcast here, or listen below. Check out James’ full recap of “Home,” learn more about this week’s cover, and check out the latest episode of the Thrones-centric series Game of Theories.

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