Clark Collis
May 03, 2016 AT 06:11 PM EDT

David Morrissey may have mothballed the eyepatch he wore as The Governor on The Walking Dead. But it seems he can still play sinister just fine without it.

In the new psychological thriller The Ones Below (out in theaters and On Demand, May 27) Clémence Poésy and Stephen Campbell Moore portray a young London-dwelling couple eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child. But when a couple played by Morrissey and Laura Birn move into the apartment downstairs, the parents-to-be soon become involved in a psychological battle of wills with the new tenants.

The Ones Below is the directorial debut of David Farr, writer of the acclaimed, now-screening-on AMC The Night Manager. You can see the film’s trailer below and an exclusive clip, above.

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