Marc Snetiker
May 05, 2016 AT 12:50 AM EDT

Did Bob’s Burgers just pull a Law & Order and rip straight from the (late 2015) headlines?

On the upcoming May 8 episode of Fox’s esteemed animated sitcom, a new encounter with Tina and Louise’s favorite boy band comes with a tragic reason for the revisiting: Boyz 4 Now is breaking up!

Now, Boyz 4 Now wasn’t a cut-and-dry riff on One Direction when the group debuted in a season 3 episode (or returned earlier this season with their Halloween music video). And yet, it’s hard not to draw the parallel between the band’s disbanding and the real-life break-up of One Direction at the end of last year, thanks in part to Zayn’s feral zest for life-cum-élan.

In the Bob’s Burgers world, it’s leading cutie Boo Boo (voiced by Max Greenfield) who’s going solo, and the impending void in the boy band ether is sending Tina, Tammy, and the female students of Wagstaff (and, let’s be honest, Zeke) into an emotional tailspin. But will one-time Boo Boo crushee Louise join in the devastation?

Watch an exclusive clip from the May 8 episode, “Bye Bye Boo Boo,” above.

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