Aaron Morales
May 05, 2016 AT 03:09 PM EDT

If Captain America: Civil War has you itching for more superhero smackdowns, Gazillion’s free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes 2016 is getting some major updates on Friday to help scratch that itch. In addition to a wealth of new content inspired by the film, the game’s opening chapter has been completely revamped to welcome newcomers with a more dynamic and cinematically inspired scenario that sees the Avengers defending Times Square from an Ultron invasion. 

EW can exclusively debut the trailer (above) highlighting the new experience, which shows off the three playable characters — Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk — as they confront Ultron and his sentries in an action-packed tutorial level that teaches players how the game works.

“We wanted to make our game more welcoming to new players,” says Dave Wegbreit, senior producer at Gazillion. “Gamers who are fans of Marvel but who might not have played a lot of action-RPGs will now have missions that help them become better players and have more fun.”

Friday’s update also includes new costumes for Captain America and Iron Man based on their looks from Civil War, which you can see below, and is the start of a month-long rollout of new content that includes additional movie-inspired costumes, new team-up characters, themed tournaments, and a new gameplay scenario that pits players against Civil War villain Crossbones and leads up to the ultimate decision: Team Cap or Team Iron Man?



Marvel Heroes 2016 is now available for Windows PC and Mac.

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