Singles Swap: EW's fresh suggestions for Drake, Fifth Harmony, and Nick Jonas |


Singles Swap: EW's fresh suggestions for Drake, Fifth Harmony, and Nick Jonas

EW recommends songs similar to the ones you already love

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Who needs an algorithm to discover new tunes? Each week, EW’s crack team of music experts will comb through the charts to seek out similar-sounding songs to the ones you’ve overplayed. This week, check out swaps for songs by Drake, Desiigner, the Lumineers, Fifth Harmony and more.

Like “Panda” by Desiigner?

It’s as indecipherable as it is inescapable, the anthem about everyone’s favorite member of the Ursidae Family (or, y’know, a white BMW) keeps on rolling, currently logging its second week atop the Hot 100. By now, you probably know the backstory – Brooklyn rapper Desiigner bought the beat off a producer for $200, caught Kanye’s eye, etc. ­– and there’s a pretty good chance you might be sick of it by now, but there’s no denying its doomy wallop…or the singular focus of its star. This is one dude who loves Pandas.

Try “Wicked” by Future

Hey, Desiigner can’t seem to duck the comparisons to ATL’s fantastic, perma-stoned fashionplate, so here’s some of Future’s recent vintage – an icy slice of paranoia that’s every bit as cold as “Panda,” and without the fur coat. But don’t worry, Future’s got plenty of them, too.

Like “Spirits” by The Strumbellas?

All dusty guitars and group shout-a-longs, the debut single from Canadian chambray enthusiasts the Strumbellas seems destined to become the soundtrack to some ginormous ad campaign – and therefore, a hit. Good for them; anyone who can write a chorus this catchy deserves a little kickback. And given there are approximately 16 people in this band, they’re gonna need to share the wealth.

Try “Angela” by The Lumineers

The student hasn’t become the master just yet.

Like “One Dance” by Drake?

The great thing about Drake – aside from the fact he routinely poses for photos like this – is that no matter how dour he gets, he still has to go to the club. Nothing captures this vibe from the gloomy new album Views quite like “One Dance,” in which he high-steps over a dancehall beat (that’s actually a U.K. house hit) while simultaneously fighting with his girl via text message. Not even the Hennessy helps. Like we said, the man contains multitudes.


Try “Final (Baba Nla)” by WizKid

This 25-year-old Nigerian singer made waves last year with his single “Ojuelegba,” and Drake definitely noticed, jumping on a remix and using his cadence to add extra oomph to “One Dance.” Released in late 2015, “Final” finds Wiz boasting and toasting like a man who knew there were big things on the horizon – when he sings “Who’s got the key to my Beamer?” he’s not asking, he’s demanding.

Like “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony?

The freelancer’s anthem is still here, still relevant and still doing the morning conference call in its bathrobe. “WFH” continues Fifth Harmony’s streak of power-packed hits – it’s got the same DNA as “Worth It” and “Boss” – and might very well have established them as the most precision-honed pop act on the planet. So call in sick today and put this one on repeat. You’ve earned it.

Try “Me Gustas Tu” by GFriend

Challenging Fifth Harmony for global pop superiority? K-Pop act GFriend, who have released a string of on-message, super-saccharine hits in Korea, and gained buzz stateside last year with “Me Gustas Tu” (yes, the chorus is sort of in Spanish). They’ll perform their first U.S. show at Los Angeles’ KCON later this summer. You’ve been warned.

Like “Close” by Nick Jonas?

An impossibly smooth sex jam from the frequently shirtless Jonas, it’s the first single off his upcoming Last Year Was Complicated album and features vocals from “Habits” hitmaker Tove Lo. When they trade come-ons over throbbing beats and dripping synths, you’re probably going to need a cold shower.

Try “Try/Effortless” by DVSN

Not to bring up Drake again, but these are his dudes. And damn, are they good. DVSN, the team of singer Daniel Daley and producer nineteen85, just released their first album through his OVO Sound label and they excel at unspooling atmospheric, coolly coital R&B like this. Sometimes subtlety is sexy too.

Like “Somewhere On a Beach” by Dierks Bentley?

Bentley’s fist-pumping “f— you” to everyone’s ex – that’s also an unapologetic ode to drinking all day and partying all night – has been firmly entrenched on Country radio for months, and why not? It’s the man doing what he does best (it’s essentially a sequel to 2014 hit “Drunk on a Plane,”) and who doesn’t like the beach?

Try “Somebody Save Me” by Cale Tyson

So here’s a rather intriguing counter to Bentley’s bro-ish missives: a beery, brokenhearted apology to a woman who’s been wronged one too many times, sung by a man who’s said sorry more than he’d care to admit. That’s Cale Tyson, a rising throwback to the Honky Tonk days. He’s 25, but seems much older.

Ford Country Built - Cale Tyson - Somebody Save Me from Joey Graziano on Vimeo.


Like “Purple Rain” by Prince and the Revolution?

In the week after his death, a staggering eight Prince hits landed on the Hot 100, and 1984’s “Purple Rain” was the best-selling song in the country. It was more testament to his timelessness, and a reminder that no one did it better than the Purple One. He reached rarified air in ‘84, but he never stopped climbing, establishing himself as an artist with few peers. Listen to this one again right now – it’s a masterwork.

Try “Purple Rain” by Aretha Franklin

There’s literally nothing else you should be listening to besides Prince, unless it’s Aretha Franklin covering Prince. Show some respect.