Christian Holub
May 11, 2016 AT 12:01 PM EDT

NBC’s tribute to Cheers creator James Burrows earlier this year did not produce the long-awaited Friends reunion that some fans hoped for (Matthew Perry wasn’t there), but it did produce some friendly meetings. The Big Bang Theory cast met the stars of Friends, for one, and Kaley Cuoco got to meet her idol, Jennifer Aniston. 

Cuoco’s table was near Aniston’s, and thus near the long line of people waiting to greet the star. Cuoco was freaking out about the potential encounter, only to be blown away by Aniston’s gracious response. 

“She turns around and she literally goes like this: ‘Kaley!'” Cuoco said. “It was like the skies opened up, and she smelled like a garden. It was everything I dreamed it would be.”

“Yeah I’ve met her before, she smells fantastic,” Meyers said. “And you immediately know, ‘Oh, this is not an attainable smell for normal people.'”

Cuoco even brought over the rest of her The Big Bang Theory cast for a big group picture, featuring Cuoco nearly strangling Courteney Cox. “I needed to be touching one of them,” she said. 

Ultimately, Cuoco said she stopped short of asking for Aniston’s phone number, though she’ll always have that perfect encounter. “I’m still thinking, she’s probably looking for mine,” Cuoco said.

“Yeah, that’s probably it,” Meyers said. “You guys will find each other eventually.”

Watch the clip below.

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