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Dana Getz
May 11, 2016 AT 04:53 PM EDT

As Obama’s presidency nears its close, speculation has begun to rise around what he might do once out-of-office. Among the many next steps he’s likely plotting, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chance the Rapper have suggested a radical departure from his political history: a music career.

In a new interview with Complex, the musical heavy hitters propose America’s reigning Pop Culture President drop a mixtape as his new endeavor. “He would kill it,” offered Chance. Miranda added, “He could get anyone he wanted on it.”

Though a far cry from Obama’s legislative past, the idea isn’t all that absurd. Obama has been heavily involved in media throughout his eight-year term: he appeared on Funny or Die to plug his healthcare plan, backed Jimmy Fallon in a slow jam sing-along for student loans, and spouted enough sassy one-liners to fill a rap song.

Still, the power duo, who previously teamed for Miranda’s Hamilton mixtape, also threw out a more realistic post-presidency path. “We need a new mayor [of Chicago] for sure,” Chance said. “He makes a lot of great, nonpartisan decisions and he’s obviously spent a lot of time in Chicago on the South Side…There are a lot of people that need him in Chicago and the city, overall, needs it.”

Read the full interview over at Complex.

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