Nina Terrero
May 11, 2016 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Somebody call a doctor, because there’s a body on the floor! Sure, it might sound crazy, but that’s a peek at the drama ahead on tonight’s episode of Rosewood, which sees Dr. Anita Eubanks (former The View host Sherri Shepherd) passed out cold in a pool of blood. What the heck happened?

Either way, it’s a cruel surprise for Rosewood (Morris Chestnut), who hasn’t exactly had the best of luck when it comes to keeping his friends and family safe from harm. And as it turns out, Rosie will have a lot more than just a single body on his blood-stained hands: The upcoming episode promises plenty of action by way of a new case in the murder of an ATF agent and some twists and turns when it comes to Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz)’s personal life.

Rosewood airs Wednesdays at 8/7 c on FOX.

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