Christian Holub
May 11, 2016 AT 01:04 PM EDT

Everyone has to face with the fact of aging, and everyone deals with it in a different way. Stephen Colbert’s Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste, for instance, stays youthful and fresh by excercising, moisturizing, and “playing happy music.” For other people, there’s always science. As Colbert noted on Tuesday’s show, some scientists recently announced the development of a “second skin,” a cream that can be attached to one’s skin and temporarily reduce wrinkles.

“It takes a unique scientific mind to look at wrinkly old people and say, ‘Know what they need? More skin,'” Colbert said. “This breakthrough in second skin comes from Dr. Buffalo Bill at the University of Silent Lambs.”

Colbert wanted to demonstrate the product’s insanity, but since it’s not on the market yet, he turned to plastic wrap. The host took a roll and proceeded to thoroughly wrap it around his face. He even needed to start over at one point in order to make it stick. And don’t worry — he made sure to create a hole so he could breathe.

“Am I beautiful yet?” Colbert asked. Watch the clip below.

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