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Ray Rahman
May 11, 2016 AT 09:22 PM EDT

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Netflix, streaming

As of this morning, Chelsea Handler has a late-night talk show again — and it’s pretty interesting! The first episode, which debuted at 12:01 a.m. PT (as will all new episodes going forward), saw her have a heart-to-heart with Drew Barrymore. The next episode includes guests Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hale, and TED Talks’ Chris Anderson. New episodes debut three days a week, Wednesday through Friday.



NBC, 8 p.m.

Despite the show’s title, tonight’s episode revolves around a different organ: Alex’s dad is in need of a new kidney, but when an unlikely donor steps forward and exposes family secrets, it threatens to cause a rift in Alex’s close relationship with her father.


Modern Family

ABC, 9 p.m.

The incomparable Shelley Long returns as Pritchett matriarch DeDe to announce she’s getting remarried, prompting the entire family to take a train to the wedding. Expect plenty of transportation puns and railroad-related misunderstandings!


Raiders of the Lost Art

Ovation, 10 p.m.

What’s not intriguing about highbrow lowlifes? The series, entering its second season, capitalizes on that juicy premise by highlighting art heists throughout history while also offering plenty of backstory on the artists themselves. The first of Wednesday’s two back-to-back episodes tells the tale of Munch’s iconic “The Scream,” which has been swiped at least three times (including once in 1994 by “a gang of Norwegian thieves,” according to the program); the second focuses on Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele” (you might also know it as “The Lady in Gold”), which Nazis looted during WWII.


The Americans

FX, 10 p.m.

Back in 1983, ABC aired a very frightening TV movie called The Day After, which depicted what might happen if the U.S. and Soviet Russia escalated into nuclear warfare. John Lithgow was in it. It terrified people. Tonight, it will terrify a lot of people on The Americans — perhaps even Elizabeth.

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