Darren Franich
May 19, 2016 AT 05:32 PM EDT

Woody Harrelson, meet Woody Harrelson. In next month’s Now You See Me 2, the actor reprises the role of hypnotist Horseman Merrit McKinney. “We get magically transported to this faraway place, and we come into this restaurant,” Harrelson explains. “It’s the first time you see that Merritt has a twin brother, Chase.” The brothers, it seems, have a history. “Chase and Merritt were part of the same magic team when they were little kids. One time, Chase got sick, and Merritt wound up doing it on his own. Chase always felt slighted by that. That resentment carries over to the present.”

In contrast to the subdued Merritt, playing Chase let Harrelson run wild. “It is in my nature to go over the top as an actor anyway,” he says, “What’s great with Chase is it really gives that opportunity. It didn’t feel like there was any ceiling.” So what was it like working with Woody Harrelson? “I thought he was real good,” Harrelson laughs. “He held his own.”

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Now You See Me 2 opens in theaters June 10. 

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