Emilia Clarke shows off her Southern accent to Stephen Colbert | EW.com


Emilia Clarke shows off her Southern accent to Stephen Colbert


Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke hit The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, and when she wasn’t showing off her expressive eyebrows, the actress was regaling Colbert with her accent work.

But first, those brows. As Clarke explained, starring in the new film Me Before You allowed her to be “more expressive” with her eyebrows than she is on Game of Thrones. That led into a moment of brief competition between Clarke and Colbert, where they each moved their brows in what the show later called a “eyebrow-off” on its YouTube page.


As for the accents, Clarke told Colbert that in acting school she would often play “the Jewish grannies,” before affecting the vocal tics of an elderly grandmother (“I worked too hard all my years to be treated like dirt”). Told she was very good with accents by Colbert, Clarke then treated the host to a Southern accent.

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“That’s pretty good,” Colbert, who is from South Carolina, told Clarke. We could write more but just watch below to get the full effect.

But wait, there’s more. Before the interview, Colbert met Clarke backstage, where she was surrounded by a bunch of puppies. “I’m not the Mother of Dragons,” Clarke told Colbert, referencing her iconic Game of Thrones character. “In real life, I’m the Mother of Puppies.” Indeed.