Christian Holub
May 24, 2016 AT 02:30 PM EDT

So far in the run of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee has not used correspondents nearly as much as her old boss Jon Stewart once did on The Daily Show. However, as seen on Monday’s episode, Bee didn’t really feel like covering a vaping convention in order to examine the stakes of expensive FDA regulations on the nascent industry, so she sent her friend Allana Harkin instead.

Upon arriving at the e-smoke-filled convention floor, Harkin noted that “these people don’t look like the owners of small businesses; they look like the people breaking into small businesses.” Even so, the attendees’ passion for vaping (a process that turns e-liquids into vapor as a substitute for smoking) starts to grow on Harkin. Some of the vape providers donated proceeds to veterans’ causes, while others sold strawberry smoke flavors under the name “F— ISIS.”

Harkin eventually full-on joined the festivities, vaping on stage and making out with a dinosaur costume.

“Screw you Big Tobacco. These guys are okay by me,” Harkin concluded. “Is vaping glamorous? Of course. Would it be effective to penetrate ISIS with a variety of spring fruits? It’s worth a try… But unless the new FDA rules are overturned by Congress or the courts, these new small businesses could all be wiped out. And with them, this majestic culture.”

Watch the full clip below.

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