Jessica Derschowitz
May 24, 2016 AT 07:57 PM EDT

Tatiana Maslany has played nearly a dozen clones over the course of Orphan Black’s four seasons, from original #CloneClub members like Sarah and Cosima to newer characters like off-the-grid hacker M.K. and manicurist/self-defense enthusiast Krystal. That’s a lot of personalities to have in the mix (let alone for one person to play), and the actress says she’s related to different Leda clones as the show has progressed.

Speaking to PEOPLE and EW at the Cannes Film Festival, Maslany explained which of her Orphan Black characters she’s most like — and most opposite from.

“I think Cosima was my ‘in,’ first season. I was like, ‘I get her, I know her, we’re very similar,’” the actress explained. “Now, Sarah feels more close to me, Alison at times feels very close to me, Helena for different reasons feels close to me — I won’t go into that [laughs].”

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“But then I get to play Krystal who is so far from me but I’m obsessed with her,” she continued. “I love her, she’s so much fun. I would never get cast as that character, ever. So it’s great to get to have that chance.”

Maslany was at Cannes to promote the film Two Lovers and a Bear, in which she stars opposite Dane DeHaan as a couple in a small arctic town on a journey to escape their pasts.

“It’s a surreal, bizarre, kind of weird movie that I just love, I’m so proud of it. I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s a really unique piece,” she said.

For more from Maslany, including what it was like shooting Two Lovers and a Bear in frigid temperatures to the response to her comments on waxing and Hollywood beauty standards, watch the full video above. 

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