Christian Holub
May 27, 2016 AT 02:35 PM EDT

Penelope Cruz has owned her style since she was a little girl. In her Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon unearthed a class picture from her childhood in which Cruz is unmistakably posing.

“All of the pictures I find now from my childhood, I’m posing,” Cruz said. “All of them. I cannot find anything normal.”

That got Fallon to channel Cruz in an impression that had her laughing. “Go away from me,” he said. “Go away. Now come back. Now take a picture. Take it now. Now go away from me.”

Cruz explained that her acting education began in her mother’s hair salon, where she would study the behavior of the various women who came through. Naturally, she also learned to cut and style hair, so Fallon asked her to try him.

“It’s not often that I get a victim,” Cruz said.

She quickly tousled Fallon’s hair, prompting him to joke that he looked like both someone who had gone through a wind tunnel and Donald Trump. That led to his storied Trump impression.

Watch the clip below.

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