Shirley Li
May 31, 2016 AT 03:53 PM EDT

Benjen Stark! Walder Frey! Black Jack Randall Edmure Tully! In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, a parade of characters made unexpected return appearances, setting the stage for what comes next. And what can come next? Up North, Benjen and his cold-ish hands will help Bran take flight, presumably. In central Westeros, Riverrun is getting overrun with people targeting the Blackfish, presumably. Down South, Cersei’s trial by combat will lead to wrapping her third child in a golden shroud, presumably. Eastward in Essos, the Ironborn will soon hear Daenerys’ dramatic speeches and finally take her across the Narrow Sea, presumably.

That’s not all: Arya reunited with Needle and will have to find a way out of Braavos without getting murdered by the Waif; Sam reunited with his family and stole Heartsbane, the family sword made of Valyrian steel, while making his way off with Gilly and Little Sam to Oldtown; and Margaery (probably?) played a convincing con of the Faith Militant to rope Tommen into supporting a union of church and state (goodbye, freedom of Westerosi religion!), much to his mother and father-uncle’s dismay.

So yeah, there’s tons to talk about. And in EW’s latest episode of Game of Theories, we spend a whopping three whole minutes talking about all things theories, because — seven hells! — no one died this week! Watch the video above to see me ramble away on everything from Sam’s thievery to Benjen’s great timing to the possible Cleganebowl to the eventual re-sacking of King’s Landing by fire. (Burn them all!) Oh, and if I missed something, please don’t make me do a Walk of Atonement: Just tweet me @shirklesxp. Until next week!

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