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Shura, “What’s It Gonna Be?”

Think you’ve filled your appetite for ’80s-inspired synth-pop in 2016? Think again: British songwriter Shura teams up with producer Greg Kurstin—who knows a thing or two about glossy earworms thanks to his work with bands like Tegan and Sara—for a butterflies-in-the-stomach tune about putting love on the line. “If you let me down, let me down slow,” Shura quietly pleads. (A familiar message to fans of Kurstin’s other notable client.) With songs as hypnotizing as this one, it’s doubtful Shura will let anyone down when her debut drops July 8. A- —Nolan Feeney

Rihanna, “Kiss It Better”(Kaytranada Remix)

The psych-rock trio had a tall order with their first new song since last year’s brilliant LP Multi-Love — their glitchy take on the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street” doesn’t count — and while “First World Problem” offers up plenty of interesting sounds, it doesn’t hit the intersection of funk and psychedelia that defines their best work. But give ’em credit for the tune’s syncopated rhythm guitar and the continued lyrical focus on modernity’s ills. B –Eric Renner Brown

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