Ariana Bacle
June 02, 2016 AT 02:35 PM EDT

Some people leave Kanye West concerts feeling inspired. Bo Burnham was one of those people: In an exclusive clip from his upcoming Netflix special Make Happy, the comedian channels West by ranting about Pringles cans and Chipotle burritos with the help of Auto-Tune and dramatic lights.

“He was ranting about race and economics and institutional racism in the fashion industry and all these big issues and I was like, I’ll just rant about the smallest issues in a really big, dramatic, thing like this,” Burnham tells EW of his experience at West’s Yeezus tour. “Just complain about the tiniest, stupidest things that I could complain about. So Pringles was one of them. Pringles felt pretty safely low-stakes.”

Make Happy, filmed in New York, is Burnham’s third comedy special. “It’s big and strange,” he says of the hour, which features plenty of his signature musical numbers along with more traditional stand-up bits. See Make Happy when it arrives on Netflix Friday, and watch a sneak peek from it above.

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