Dan Snierson
June 06, 2016 AT 11:13 AM EDT

Come summertime, the livin’ won’t be easy. In fact, it’s about to get very Difficult.

Difficult People, which excels at mining comedy out of contempt, will return to Hulu on July 12, and season 2 will see Billy (Billy Eichner) try to find a boyfriend while Julie (Julie Klausner) does everything in her power to avoid deepening her relationship with Arthur (James Urbaniak).

On the career front, Billy and Julie are still hoping to break big. The good news is that she has found an empty office where Arthur works, so, without his knowledge, she and Billy set up shop there and draft a family friend to serve as their intern. The bad news is that this intern wants things. Like a desk. Worse yet, she doesn’t even know who Conan is. The whole thing is so upsetting that it’s probably just for the best if you press play to watch this season 2 scene and don’t ask any more questions, ever.

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