Christian Holub
June 07, 2016 AT 11:14 AM EDT

Billions of people have lived on Earth in the course of global history, many memorialized now only by black-and-white grainy photographs. And apparently a lot of them looked like Daniel Radcliffe.

During the former Harry Potter star’s appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday night, host Jimmy Fallon, with the help of Reddit, unearthed several old photos of people that uncannily resemble Radcliffe. Hilariously, many of them appeared to be older women.

“What is it about me that I look like so many stern old ladies?” Radcliffe wondered.

In one of them, Radcliffe’s lookalike was even standing beside an identical stand-in for Andy Samberg. Never one to abandon his guests, he and Radcliffe donned costumes like the people in the photos: Radcliffe taking on a big collared shirt and voluminous wig, as Fallon applied a mustache and long hair.

“I wish this was what you looked like,” Radcliffe told him. 

Watch the full clip below.

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