Christian Holub
June 09, 2016 AT 01:37 PM EDT

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made news this week by using a teleprompter. Up until this point, most of his speeches could get incoherent and rambling, as the candidate appeared to say whatever came into his mind.

“Trump using a teleprompter is like The Flash using an Uber, or Aquaman taking the ferry, or Bernie Sanders using a comb,” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show.

Colbert then proceeded to reverse-engineer Trump’s past speeches and imagine what a teleprompter would’ve looked like for some of the candidate’s most infamous remarks. For instance, in Colbert’s vision, when Trump told his supporters to “knock the crap out of” any protestors at his rallies, the teleprompter would’ve said, “Incite random violence.” When Trump said that Mexican immigrants were racist, Colbert thinks the teleprompter would’ve read, “Say the worst think you can think of,” and “Repeat until November.” 

Watch the clip below.

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