Liam Hemsworth and Jimmy Fallon combine Flip Cup and Slip 'N Slide |


Liam Hemsworth and Jimmy Fallon compete in Slip and Flip

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After his emotional statement about the Orlando attack, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon did manage to find some time for fun on Monday night’s show. To celebrate guest Liam Hemsworth’s upcoming summer movie Independence Day: Resurgence, the two played a new kind of “summer game.” Slip and Flip combines Slip ‘N Slide with Flip Cup, in that two sets of cups were arranged on either side of the room, and the players had to slide back and forth between drinking and flipping them. 

For awhile, Fallon seemed to have Hemsworth beat on drinking skill, but the actor’s athletic advantage eventually caught up with them. It came down to a frantic final few seconds, as Flip Cup so often does, but in the end Hemsworth pulled out the win, leaving a defeated Fallon sprawled on the ground.

Watch the clip below.