James Hibberd
June 14, 2016 AT 08:18 PM EDT

Pablo Escobar’s days are numbered — Netflix is revealing its story plan for Narcos.

The breakout cartel drama will conclude the infamous drug lord’s story in the upcoming second season, star Wagner Moura told Chelsea Handler on her new Netflix talk show Chelsea. While the first season covered 10 years of Escobar’s life, the second season will only cover one month (historical spoiler alert).

“It’s all about Pablo on the run,” Moura said to Handler on Tuesday. “It’s from the day Pablo escapes to his death.”

Neither Moura nor Netflix has said anything about whether Narcos will continue beyond season 2, but the show would presumably launch a new storyline — American Horror Story-style — about a different drug kingpin or organization. (And it’s tough to imagine Narcos would not come back again since the first season scored the streaming company two Golden Globe nominations — for best drama series and for best actor).

Narcos debuts its 10-episode second season on Sept. 2 with new showrunners Jose Padilha (RoboCop) and Eric Newman (Children of Men). Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) also star.

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