Dylan Kickham
June 15, 2016 AT 04:55 PM EDT

With Finding Dory about to splash into theaters this Friday, ScreenJunkies decided the waters were right to put together one of their famous honest trailers for the original film in the franchise. “Revisit the film that had to spoil its ending in its title so audiences could have a shred of hope to hold onto through 90 minutes of tears and torture: Finding Nemo,” the trailer begins.

The clip highlights the heart-wrenching sadness in the story of a father searching for his lost son, describing Marlin as “a dad coping with living through the first 10 minutes of a Pixar movie” and noting that “this children’s movie treats the ocean like a nonstop murder parade.” As if those descriptions weren’t depressing enough, the trailer hits on the negative real-world effects of Finding Nemo, such as the increased interest in removing clownfish from their natural habitats, kids believing flushing fish down the toilet will free them, and the number of fish restaurants darkly named Frying Nemo.

The trailer doesn’t seem to have a lot of hope for Finding Dory either, describing Ellen DeGeneres’ chronically forgetful character as “the fish version of the kid who asks what’s happening every 5 seconds,” and worrying that basing a spin-off on Dory might give audiences something akin to the Minions movie. “You never go full Minion.”

Watch above.

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