Christian Holub
June 15, 2016 AT 11:32 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon brought Box of Lies back on Tuesday night for Lena Dunham’s appearance on The Tonight Show. The night before, he had invented a new game of Slip N’ Flip with Liam Hemsworth; Box of Lies, by contrast, is now a storied part of Fallon’s tenure, and Tuesday’s edition reminded viewers why. It’s just so weird.

Dunham went first and opened a box full of pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio labeled “Frances McDormand.” It was so random that Dunham didn’t really know what to do; she decided to try out-weirding it by telling Fallon she actually got a banana dressed up with Sideshow Bob hair and googly eyes, but her over-enthusiasm helped Fallon see right through her. 

Next was Fallon’s turn, and he got a cauldron full of rubber ducks. He tried passing it off as a Barbie Hot Tub. It took little time for Dunham to debunk that. “As if you could recognize a Barbie Hot Tub,” Dunham said. 

“I probably could, I have two little girls!” Fallon said.

Dunham’s second box, the final tiebreaker round, was so weird it put the others to shame: a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with the interior pages carved out, The Shawshank Redemption style, to hold a bottle of whiskey. For this last round, Dunham finally changed her strategy. She told the truth, and fooled Fallon. Truth is ever stranger than fiction. 

Watch the clip below.

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