Shirley Li
June 15, 2016 AT 06:29 PM EDT

The second season of Wayward Pines has already seen the returns of familiar faces, and the fourth episode, “Exit Strategy,” is no different. The latest character to make it back: Adam Hassler (Tim Griffin), the former boss of Ethan (Matt Dillon), who conspired with Pilcher (Toby Jones) to have Ethan brought into the Wayward Pines fold, and later wound up frozen in a pod as well. 

Unlike Kate and Pam before him, however, Adam hasn’t spent the time between season inside the fence. Instead, in Wednesday night’s hour, he returns from beyond the borders to deliver a chilly message to Theo (Jason Patric). “They’re not our enemies,” he says about the Abbies he’s observed. “They’re our replacements.”

Wayward Pines airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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