Christian Holub
June 17, 2016 AT 01:50 PM EDT

James Corden has proven he can harmonize with legendary singers and successfully host the Tony Awards — and now we know he has what it takes to run a movie theater. On Thursday night, Corden stopped by Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas to try his hand at being a manager.

Naturally, Corden’s love of performing eventually got in the way of his job duties. Sitting in the break room with a fellow a concession stand employee, Corden learned that his co-worker studied film, and couldn’t help but put a short film together. The result featured Corden and the employee meeting each other like Romeo and Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation, except with a popcorn machine instead of a fish tank.

Later, Corden was given the task of getting up in front of a theater audience and reminding them to turn off their cellphones. Corden did that, and then went even further by launching into a description of his childhood in High Wycombe, England. Cleaning up the theater afterward, Corden voiced the opinions of cleaners everywhere when he looked at a dustpan and said, “I feel like they could make this better.”

Watch the clip below.

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