Ruth Kinane
June 17, 2016 AT 02:19 PM EDT

In a new parody music video released by the Nemojis, Justin Bieber’s huge hit “Sorry” gets fishy with the lyrics altered to detail the plot of the new Pixar picture, Finding Dory.

The video is edited to make it appear that the sea creatures are, in fact, singing the new Dory-inspired lyrics. Choice altered words include: “Yeah you know Nemo he won’t let you drown, is it too late to find Dory now?” and “I hope you don’t run out of time or get stung by an anemone.”

The sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo starring Ellen DeGeneres as Dory is in theaters now and tells of the Dory’s quest to find her long lost family.

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The song is available to download on iTunes.

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