Christian Holub
June 17, 2016 AT 02:10 PM EDT

Despite her long-standing presence in American culture, Oprah Winfrey has been reluctant about making political endorsements. Her first was famously for Barack Obama’s first campaign in 2008. On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel tried to replicate some of that Obama magic by getting Oprah to endorse his silly vice presidential campaign. When Kimmel first asked, Winfrey gave him a withering look, and then asked about his platform. 

“Donald Trump didn’t have to go through any of this! He just said he was gonna make America great,” Kimmel said. “Why do I have to have specifics?”

Winfrey then asked for Kimmel’s campaign slogan. His response: “A good, solid number two.” Oprah said, “Okay,” which was enough for Kimmel. 

“Oprah has endorsed me, everyone!” he shouted triumphantly.

“Listen, anything’s possible,” Winfrey said. “I think it’s possible. I think you can win without a presidential candidate.” 

Watch the clip below. 

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