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Will Robinson
June 20, 2016 AT 08:41 PM EDT

Game 7 of the NBA Finals was the most-watched NBA contest in 18 years, drawing over 30 million viewers. But Paul Dano was not one of them.

The actor, despite being a huge LeBron James fan, was unable to see the Cleveland Cavaliers upset the Golden State Warriors in the deciding contest live on Sunday night. He was flying back from Korea as the game aired on ABC.

According to longtime girlfriend Zoe Kazan, Dano avoided spoilers so he could watch the game. Kazan sat down with Dano after recording Game 7 on the DVR, and provided live updates to his reactions. She wanted to see the waterworks.

Dano was on edge the whole time.

Tense and bleary eyed make for an emotional combo.

It didn’t take long for the game’s intensity to take Dano over.

The following might have been prompted by “The Block,” which would make sense. (NSFW language below.)

Finally, the ecstasy of victory: Cavs win 93-89.

As for why the ending wasn’t documented via Vine or Periscope, Kazan revealed Dano kept noticing her attempts and got mad.

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