Christian Holub
June 21, 2016 AT 01:51 PM EDT

When Blake Lively came on The Tonight Show Monday to play a game of Know It All with host Jimmy Fallon, she assumed that one of the game’s unwritten rules was an agreement between Fallon and Steve Higgins, and that Fallon was gaining some benefit by “sucking up” to his sidekick. 

Soon after, however, the official laws of the game came into play when Lively, having chosen “Harry Potter Characters” for the first category, had to name more people from J.K. Rowling’s iconic series than her opponent. While Fallon stuck to popular figures like Ron and Hermione, Lively pulled out the deep cuts like Buckbeak and Cornelius Fudge. “Come on, do better ones!” she told Fallon. Fallon lost the round after erroneously challenging Lively’s Hedwig submission.

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The next category was “Spanish Words,” which Fallon won suddenly without any understanding of how he did so. The difference between real rules and unspoken conduct came back in the final tiebreaker round, however. One of Lively’s “Four-Letter Words” was “shoot,” which is obviously not four letters but which Lively said she was using as a censored version of s–t. Lively eventually won, a shocking result that caused Fallon to actually say the real swear. 

Watch the clip below.

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