Derek Lawrence
June 21, 2016 AT 04:55 PM EDT

Ariana Grande’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig back in March was so well received that she was the runaway winner of EW’s poll for best host of the year. Now, three months later, we’ve gotten more Grande in a newly released cut sketch.

In the clip, it’s 1975 and Greg (Taran Killem) has given up everything — his wife and job at a Subaru dealership — to pursue his dream of being a singer. He decides to bring his friends (Grande, Kenan Thompson, and Vanessa Bayer) to his condo to hear his new song, which he describes as having “a very modern, very sexy feel to it.”

Greg debuts his astonishingly bad song about a woman’s smile that includes many repetitive lines about how large it is. His friends look mortified as they try their best to be supportive with compliments such as, “I love how long it took.” The cast, especially Killam, struggle to make it through without breaking, especially as Greg casually mentions a recent sexual encounter he had.

Watch the full clip above. SNL returns with new episodes in September.

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