Christian Holub
June 22, 2016 AT 12:07 PM EDT

One of Jimmy Fallon’s best impressions is his version of Neil Young, made even better when the legendary singer-songwriter himself joins Fallon for a duet. “Two Neil Youngs” returned to The Tonight Show on Tuesday, sitting on a tree stump, to sing a song about sitting on a tree stump.

The tree stump rotated, showcasing different Neils at different times, as the two of them sang about their stump. Sometimes the lyrics made sense (“Sitting on a tree stump, thinking about life and the changing seasons / Wiling away the hours of the day, until the morning comes”), sometimes not so much (“Where did the other Neil come from? / Came from the future back to the past, to warn your ass”) but all of it sounded remarkably like a real Neil Young song, complete with the environmental themes so characteristic of the musician’s recent work

Watch the clip below.

And because we totally know how it goes, you can watch the first time two Neil Youngs appeared on The Tonight Show stage together, below.

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