Mary Sollosi
June 23, 2016 AT 10:23 PM EDT

Headed to the prom? Ladies, don’t forget the hot sauce in your bag (swag).

Beyoncé just about broke the internet when she dropped the first single (and accompanying video) off Lemonade, “Formation,” just a day before performing at the Super Bowl in February. Now, the song is blowing up social media yet again in a viral video of one girl’s prom entrance.

In a video posted last Wednesday by dancer Floyd D. Wimberly, he and another dancer recreate the choreography from Beyoncé’s New Orleans-set “Formation” video before the girl going to the prom steps out to unveil her look. (Shout out to the girl’s poor date, who appears to have had no prior knowledge of the bit of pre-prom dance theater of which he has now unwittingly become a part.)

Wimberly posted the fierce prom entrance to his Facebook with the caption, “Thank You Tameka for giving me the opportunity to come and send your daughter off to prom, it was such a amazing time working with her, she slayed and looked so gorgeous. Congratulations love!!!”

See the video below.

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