Christian Holub
June 23, 2016 AT 02:27 PM EDT

Bill Hader is a master of impressions. Documentary Now! alone featured him mimicking the women of Grey Gardens, the men of The Eagles, and multiple iterations of a modern hipster journalist in the span of just a few episodes. But one of Hader’s favorite impressions has always been Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom a young Hader actually once worked for as a production assistant on Collateral Damage.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel decided to improve on Hader’s Schwarzenegger with an honest-to-god face swap, courtesy of Stanford University’s Dr. Matthias Niessner. That’s right — that thing you do on Snapchat is now being developed by real-life scientists. And obviously the first thing Kimmel did with it was turn Bill Hader into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hader gleefully recreated Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase from Collateral Damage: “Open up the door, there’s a bomb in there!”

Watch the clip below.

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