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Natalie Abrams
June 23, 2016 AT 10:44 PM EDT

It’s the question that’ll be plaguing Blindspot fans until the NBC drama returns this fall: Who is Jane Doe?!

In the finale, Oscar (François Arnaud) planned to wipe Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) memory once again to get the mission back on track. Knowing she wouldn’t remember, Oscar revealed that Jane is actually not Taylor Shaw, but some operative following the direction of a leader named Shepherd. If Jane isn’t Taylor Shaw, then who is she?

“Judging by the black and white flashbacks, she was special ops for sure,” Alexander tells EW. “It’s interesting she hasn’t remembered her childhood yet, so I’m guessing maybe that she was some sort of orphan that was conditioned to be this way, that was brought up maybe in some sort of secret society or something.”

Therein lies how Alexander believes Jane and Oscar met, pointing to Oscar’s reveal to Jane this his own mother died when he was young. “Just judging by the fact that he was just a kid when his mother died is the potential that maybe they met in an orphanage or something like that,” she says.

But the actress doesn’t think Jane is working alone within the FBI. “The DNA saying that she’s Taylor Shaw, who switched it out at the FBI?” she says. “Is there another person? Is it Patterson? Is it Zapata? Is it Reade? Who’s in on it?”

Ultimately, this is Alexander’s best guess on Jane’s identity: “I do think she is from Sub-Saharan Africa,” she says. “I do know that she definitely has military training background; we do know that from flashbacks. We do know that she was put somewhere when she was small that was very scary, that had a lot of sick children with scars on their faces, and it was a very sad, wet, cold place. We did see part of Jane’s hand, so we knew that she was little, so that’s disturbing. So I don’t believe she had parents that she knew.”

When EW hit the Blindspot set, the rest of the cast shared their best theories — and it appears they’re as much in the dark about Jane’s identity as the audience:

Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Mayfair)

“I just think she’s some woman who’s involved with this very radical group,” she says. “I don’t know that she has any connections with anybody in the FBI or anybody on that team.”

Sullivan Stapleton (Weller)

“A very intelligent criminal,” he says. “My best guess is that she’s not Taylor Shaw, so I have no idea who she is now or why she’s been placed in the FBI other than it’s a crime. It’s a fraud.”

Audrey Esparza (Zapata)

“She’s a part of something bigger,” she says. “You give the big boss a name like Shepherd, there’s something massive happening around it. She’s a piece of something huge that is outside of [the FBI]. With Blindspot, everybody lives in gray, everybody thinks they’re doing the right thing, but are they really? What are their motives? Where are they coming from? Is she good? Is she bad? I don’t know, man.”

Rob Brown (Reade)

“She thinks she’s doing good,” he says. “Oscar does say a lot [in the finale], but who could she be, based on what Oscar says? Because he has to start all over, or that’s what he thinks he has to do. Then there’s the children aspect, the whole orphanage thing. Was she taken as a kid and turned into some killer?”

Ashley Johnson (Patterson)

“I’ve tried to guess. For the longest time I was like, ‘No, it’s going to actually end up turning out to be Taylor Shaw, but then it’s not, but then it’s going to go back to being her.’ I have no clue.”

Blindspot viewers won’t have to wait long to find out who Jane Doe is, as her real name will be revealed in the season premiere (more on that here), which airs Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET, before the show settles into its new time slot of 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 21 on NBC.

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