Christian Holub
June 23, 2016 AT 01:07 PM EDT

As a kid, you may have heard talk of “the man in the moon,” referring to a face people sometimes think they see when looking at the moon’s shadows and craters. On Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show, Neil deGrasse Tyson weighed in on the topic, as he so often loves to do with silly science-related subjects. And according to Tyson, the man in the moon isn’t a man at all. In fact, it’s a woman. Wilma Flintstone, to be exact.

“It’s in profile, she’s facing up this direction,” Tyson explained. “This is her tuft of hair in the front, this is the part of hair in the middle, this is the eye socket, the nose, the mouth, the chin, the neck, and there’s the crater Tycho, which is her pendant.”

Sure enough, Colbert brought a picture of Wilma Flinstone for a side-by-side comparison.


Watch the clip below.

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