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Christian Holub
June 26, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The first season of True Detective built itself into a phenomenon by constantly hinting at darker forces. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson spent the eight episodes nominally chasing a serial killer, but occult imagery and director Cary Fukunaga’s gorgeous shots of bleak bayou landscapes hinted that the detectives were really battling the buried skeletons of the American South, in addition to the enduring specter of toxic masculinity that they themselves struggled with on a personal basis.

Z2 Comics’ new series Indoctrination, from writer Michael Moreci and artist Matt Battaglia, goes even further on those topics. Here, two detectives really are chasing an evil cult leader who loves to tattoo snakes on his chest and whisper dark nothings about the end times. To get to him, they need one of his former confidants, a man named Denton Wilkins, currently serving time in an Alabama jail. Check out a preview below, of Denton talking to CIA handler Leonard Huxum about the threat posed by his former boss.

Indoctrination is a book that speaks to Mike and my’s narrative and creative influences, as well as comments on the current trend of radicalization of all forms, specifically the frightening outbreaks of people turning up at concerts, or work places, or marathons, and shooting or bombing people all in the name of ‘ideas,'” Battaglia told EW in a statement.

“To me, Indoctrination is the right book at the right time,” Moreci said. “And I’m not talking just about the social relevancy of ISIS and the radicalization of our political and its ugly consequences. Indoctrination is a statement book that Matt and I are fully committed to. We’re going to deliver a book that’s equal parts horror and crime that pecks at the sinister underbelly of our world.”

Indoctrination hits stands June 29, and is currently available as a download on Comixology.

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