Derek Lawrence
June 27, 2016 AT 08:24 PM EDT

Bertie Gilbert has become known for his popular YouTube channel, but now as he looks to make the transition to film he sees a lot to be excited about in that medium, too.

“I think technology has advanced in a way that means CGI and visual effects has gotten to the point where a lot of the time it pretty much looks like real life,” he told EW at VidCon. “So I feel like a lot more directors are putting a lot of effort into really using those tools at their disposal. I feel like something like Life of Pi, something that really uses CGI, visual effects to its advantage.”

The director, who’s also known for his role as Scorpius Malfoy in the final Harry Potter film, also added that even though virtual reality is in the early stages, he anticipates that being an exciting story telling narrative.

While Gilbert has yet to make a film for the big screen, he already has his sights set on his dream project. “My dream has always been to make a Shadow of the Colossus movie despite the fact that video game movies have a very bad reputation, I would try and make the first kind of very good — hopefully very good — video game movie,” he shared.

Watch the full interview with Gilbert above.

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