Derek Lawrence
June 27, 2016 AT 05:06 PM EDT

Many high-profile British personalities have spoken out on their country’s decision to leave the European Union, but TomSka is definitely the first to compare Brexit to a zombie apocalypse.

On Friday during an interview at VidCon, the popular YouTuber was asked his thoughts on his country’s controversial decision. “I am genuinely scared for our country right now,” he said to EW senior writer Darren Franich. “I have no idea what’s going to come next.”

After showcasing his sincere disappointment over the news, the comedian — whose YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers — decided to further explain the decision by comparing it to a zombie apocalypse. “You and a group of survivors build like a fortress to keep zombies out,” he explained, “and then you’re in the fortress for a little while and it’s great because, hey there’s no zombies. You’re with your friends, and it becomes kind of a democratic system, like everyone is agreeing on how best to stay safe and ration food.”

He continued that after creating such a safe environment, it would be like becoming sick of the rules and wanting to see what’s outside. “I don’t know, man, how about f—ing zombies,” he said. Then, only for someone to open the door and be surprised that they see zombies.

“And that’s Brexit in my opinion and soon we’re probably going to be banging on the door of Europe going, ‘Guys can we come back in,’” he said. “And they’re going to be like, ‘Hmm… let me think. No.’ And then they’ll throw baguettes and clogs at us.”

Watch the full video of TomSka’s Brexit thoughts above.

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