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Adam Lujan
June 28, 2016 AT 07:16 PM EDT

After taking home the award for Best Actress in a Musical and delivering a show-stopping performance at this month’s Tony Awards, Cynthia Erivo can now add arm wrestling to her repertoire. On Monday, the Tony winner stopped by The Daily Show and ended up in a friendly arm wrestling match with host Trevor Noah.

Before Erivo got to utilize her impressive guns, she covered a variety of topics with Noah – from playing Celie in the Tony-winning musical The Color Purple to the Brexit news rocking the U.K., her home country. “I’m really glad to be here [in the U.S.] right now,” Erivo said with a laugh.

On a more serious note, Noah brought up Erivo’s immigrant parents and how Brexit affects those with similar backgrounds. “If my mom didn’t get to the U.K., I probably wouldn’t be here right now, to be honest. With you, here. [And] on that stage, on Broadway,” Erivo said. “I feel like there a lot of lives that will change, not for the better. I feel like it will stop a lot of this stuff from happening,” she went on, referring to the incredible opportunities in her career.

Closing out the interview, Noah marveled at Erivo’s remarkable physical fitness — the actress once fit in a half-marathon before a two-performance day on The Color Purple. Erivo then challenged the host to an arm wrestling match, which did not end well for the comedian, as evident in the video below.

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