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Sara and Erin Foster on Barely Famous season 2's premiere: 'We had to raise the stakes'

Plus, what it took to land Chelsea Handler


Every week, Erin and Sara Foster, the creators and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous (Wednesdays at 10 p.m.), will reveal the best from behind-the-scenes of their faux-reality show in conversation with EW. First up, the sisters dish on the show’s second season premiere, “Career Goals,” in which Erin and Jessica Alba get blackout drunk, and Sara attempts to be a brand star — and fails.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about the cameos. How difficult was it getting Chelsea Handler on the show?

SARA FOSTER: One day we were at a barbeque and we were having a conversation about this, and that, and whatever. She brought up our show and she said, “Oh God, people seem to really love your show” and that it was really funny. She was very complimentary, which I couldn’t believe. I had no idea she even knew about the show. Then I made a joke. I said, “Well we’d love to have you on” and she said, “Yeah, I would totally come on.” But of course people say that, people talk all day long. This was way before we started pre-production. We hadn’t hired writers. We had done nothing. And I didn’t see her since. Then when we were getting into pre-production and talking about storylines, I mentioned that I had talked to Chelsea and she said she would do it. So long story short, she’s a woman of her word. She showed up.

ERIN FOSTER: She made it so f—ing easy for us. We couldn’t get a budget to do hair and makeup for her, which we were horrified about. We even thought, “Should we just pay for this out of pocket?” Instead, she had us schedule her shoot day an hour before when she went on…

SARA: Conan.

ERIN: Right, so she would already have hair and makeup done for herself and would just stop by on her way to shoot the scene. She accommodated us. She was so easy and cool, just amazing.

Jessica Alba was on in season 1, and she’s back. Is she a close friend?

ERIN: She’s a good friend of ours, and she works her ass off. We really wanted her to come back in season two because she’s really funny and cool. We had this idea — in episode one, Sara wants to become a celebrity that has a brand, and Jessica is the most recognizable person who has pulled that off. Your instinct when someone is busy is to give them the least amount of work so that they can do it. So I told Jessica, “Here’s the idea. Sara wants to be like you, a celebrity with a brand, and she’s going to run into you and belittle what you do. She’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, you did it so I could do it too. You’re just a random actress and put your name on it.’ Then you’re going to school her and tell her you were on Capitol Hill, fighting for rights and all that.

SARA: We thought that we would just give her a very short walk and talk, essentially.

ERIN: And she said, “Yeah, I could do that, but that’s kind of boring. Everyone thinks of me as this uptight professional girl at this point. I want to do something different.”

SARA: She basically said she wanted to play an alcoholic. 

ERIN: I think her exact words were, “I’d love to go pee in an alley with you, wasted.” I thought that was way more interesting than what we had.

SARA: You see so many women these days in town, all these actresses looking for other ways to make a buck and stay relevant. We really wanted to start season two off where Sara thinks she’s at this point in her career where she’s above movies and television, and she needs to get her Goop. She needs her Honest Company. Obviously, this is all ridiculous because Sara’s acting career is nowhere. We had to raise the stakes with people loving season one. 

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