Dana Getz
June 29, 2016 AT 06:58 PM EDT

Pharrell Williams took a recent stroll down to Sesame Street for an important lesson.

In a video shared by the series Wednesday, the Grammy-winning multi-hyphenate sets the magic of reading to song. “You can go anywhere, without leaving your chair,” he sings to an awestruck Elmo and Cookie Monster. “You can be anything: a pirate, a king — just grab a book!”

The brass-accented track goes on to reference a number of childhood favorites, from Alice in Wonderland to Little Miss Muffet. “Have tea with the hatter / If he’s mad it don’t matter / ‘Cause he’s inside a book,” Williams croons.

The hitmaker joins a score of celebrities who have made cameos on the children’s show this year, including Nick Jonas, John Oliver, and Jack White.

Watch Williams sing “B Is for Book” in the video above.


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